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November 3, 2003

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Spectral Dynamics Introduces the VX2805 Eight-channel Data Acquisition Module at the 74th Shock & Vibration Symposium

San Diego, CA – The Advanced Research Products group of Spectral Dynamics, (SD) announced the introduction of the Spectral Dynamics' VX2805 Eight-channel Data Acquisition Module today at the 74th Shock & Vibration Symposium in San Diego.

The Model VX2805 is a complete integrated 8-channel data recording VXI module. VX2805Each channel includes a bridge signal conditioner, a low pass filter, a 16-bit 5M samples/sec/channel ADC, and 16M samples of DRAM storage per channel.

Built-in signal conditioning is suitable for strain gauge bridge-type transducers and for voltage signals. Constant voltage excitation is independent y programmable for each channel. Special function signal conditioning requirements can be accommodated with the SIPS (Smart Interface Panel System) product family and controlled by the VX2805 onboard processor. Input full-scale sensitivity is programmable from ▒10mV to ▒5V in 3dB steps. A 16-bit ADC provides high accuracy, a high dynamic range and resolutions from 340nV to 170ÁV per count. Offset correction range is ▒2.5V with 16-bit resolution.

A dedicated signal processor in each channel provides superb digital filtering. Filter FCO auto-tracks the sample rate, plus custom filter down load capabilities. Dedicated hardware can generate a trigger from the analog signal being digitized on Channel #1 using either level and slope, or window criteria. Trigger Hold-off can be invoked to reject thresh old crossings of short duration. Hold-off can improve triggering reliability under noisy signal conditioning

Spectral Dynamics, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of systems and software for advanced computer-automated data acquisition, vibration testing, structural dynamics, explosive shock, high-speed transient capture, acoustic analysis, monitoring, measurement, control and backup. Spectral Dynamics' products are used for research, design verification, product testing and process improvement by manufacturers of all types of electrical, electronic and mechanical products, as well as by universities and government-funded agencies.

The Advanced Research Products Group is the newest addition to the Spectral Dynamics family. Their newest VXI data acquisition hardware pushes the envelope on capabilities and embodies the same rock solid design methodologies, which have always differentiated Spectral Dynamics from its competition.

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