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October 28, 2003

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Spectral Dynamics Inc., Ships Hybrid, 316-channel Data Acquisition System to Sandia Labs.

San Diego, CA – Spectral Dynamics announced the shipment of a 316-channel data acquisition system. The system was custom designed for the Light Initiated High Explosive (LIHE) facility at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Spectral Dynamics’ Advanced Research Products Group.

This Spectral Dynamics data acquisition system was tailored to meet the unique LIHE environmental and testing requirements utilizing Spectral Dynamics commercial off the shelf (COTS) Jaguar and VIDAS products supplemented by SD Alliance partner’s’ (COTS) products’.

“This system is just the beginning of our cutting edge merged technology solutions,” stated Mark Remelman, Manager for the Spectral Dynamics’ Advanced Research Products Group. “This Hybrid system has 316-channels of data acquisition capability, comprised of 102.4kHz direct to disk acquisition and 2.5MHz, 200Mhz & 500Mhz RAM based capabilities. In addition it incorporates the advanced bridge conditioning and dynamic configuration capabilities offered by Spectral Dynamics’ new Smart Interface Panel System (SIPS™).”

After acceptance testing, Tony King, the Instrumentation Engineer facilitating the project for the Sandia LIHE group commented; “The LIHE staff was very impressed with the design, construction, attention to detail and overall performance of the instrumentation system”.
This system combines VIDAS, a leading edge fourth generation SD-VXI hardware and field-proven software system from SD’s Advanced Research Products Group with SD’s Jaguar, a multiple Acquisition Control Peripheral (ACP) system that allows expansion to hundreds of channels without sacrificing signal processing performance. Jaguar incorporates dedicated throughput disks for each ACP providing time streaming to disk at up to the maximum sample rate.
Spectral Dynamics, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of systems and software for advanced computer-automated data acquisition, vibration testing, structural dynamics, explosive shock, high-speed transient capture, acoustic analysis, monitoring, measurement, control and backup. Spectral Dynamics' products are used for research, design verification, product testing and process improvement by manufacturers of all types of electrical, electronic and mechanical products, as well as by universities and government-funded agencies.
The Advanced Research Products Group is the newest addition to the Spectral Dynamics family. Their newest VXI data acquisition hardware pushes the envelope on capabilities and embodies the same rock solid design methodologies, which have always differentiated Spectral Dynamics from its competition. For more information visit:

Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company for the United States Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.